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Spectrum Resolution High vs. Low in Gasoline

A spectrum of unleaded premium gasoline obtained with 2 wavenumber resolution compared with a gasoline spectrum obtained with 30 wavenumber resolution. The individual components are easily distinquishable with 2 wavenumber resolution are washed out at 30 wavenumber resolution

Near-IR Absorbance Spectra: Five Unleaded Gasolines

Five near-IR absorbance spectra of different unleaded gasolines. The change in the spectra are very small requiring chemometrics to pull the differences out of the data.

Unleaded Premium Gasoline Spectrum: High Resolution Spectrum

A spectrum of unleaded premium gasoline showing some primary components. The primary components shown are: m-xylene, o-xylene, iso-octane, ethyl benzene, toluene, p-xylene, and benzene