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Our Raman instrumentation is especially easy to install. For most applications, the instruments are packaged in a 19″ Rack mount configuration. The equipment is installed in the control room with optical fiber cable running to the individual process streams. Typical fiber runs are 200 to 500 feet. Once the fiber cables have been laid, the fibers are simply connected to the Raman instrument and to their respective Raman probes. Routine calibrations are performed and the customer is up and operating.


We provide our customers with instrument training including instruction on the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of the Raman equipment. In addition, we train them in the preparation and maintenance of chemometric models. We can provide model building services if required, but we prefer that the customer learns this technique.


Until we developed our own laser product, lasers sources commonly used for industrial Raman applications were very expensive, prone to failure, and required ~ 3 to 4 months for repair. All of these issues became major stumbling blocks for implementing Raman spectroscopy into industrial applications. In addition to developing a far superior, stable, long life laser product, we make a concerted effort to perform most laser repairs within two weeks after the laser is in our shop and many are repaired much faster. We stock all of the common excitation wavelength diodes including 785, 808, 830 nm.