Water Flooding Sulfate Detection

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Trace Detection of Sulfate in an Aqueous Solution

Process Instruments Inc. has developed technology to monitor sulfate concentrations for offshore oil waterflood projects.  The spectral response from trace concentrations of sulfate in an aqueous solution are displayed to the right, and the observed spectral responses were initially background corrected.  A PI-200-HP spectrograph containing high performance lenses and a deep depleted CCD was used for this study.  The high performance instruments have ~ 10x more throughput when compared to the standard PI-200-L instrument.  This study also utilized a higher power laser with ~ 3x more output power then our standard lasers.

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On-Line Sulfate Monitoring For Waterflood Projects

Comparisons between the actual and predicted nitrate concentrations in an aqueous solution are displayed on the right. The standard deviation from the (actual – predicted) concentrations was 0.48 ppm and the linear relationship had a correlation coefficient of 0.9992.