Reduce RVP Giveaway

Accurately measure RVP values to within 0.1 psi to 0.2 psi over the wide range of 5 psi to 16 psi using a single chemometric model.

Reduce Octane Giveaway

Reduce Octane GIVEAWAY using Process Instruments Raman technology to increase blended gasoline profitability and achieve significant savings of millions of dollars annually.

Measure Neat and E10 Properties

Raman allows online, real-time, measurement of both neat and E10 ethanol blends right at the blend header. We make it possible for you to blend to ship.

Sulfate Detection - Water Flooding

Process Instruments Raman technology is being used to detect sulfate in water used in water flooding applications.

Chemometric Modeling

Use Solo and PROspect to create hierarchical models that can easily be tailored to smaller seasonal ranges.  Improve the SEP for the most critical parameters: Octane, RVP, Distillation points, and More!

Refinery FCC Unit Raman Application

Raman Spectroscopy Monitoring of the FCC’s LCO stream can produce great dividends to about $25 / barrel upgrade.

Process Instruments Inc. is the leader in the market for Raman instrumentation and Raman laser sources.

We offer Raman analysis and chemometric model development for customers’ samples. We have complete laboratory facilities to perform Raman analysis at many different excitation wavelengths and under many different environmental conditions. Send us your samples and see if Raman will work for you!