Description of Technology

Frequency Stabilized, Narrow Linewidth Diode Laser

HORIBA Process Instruments is the largest producer of high power, frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth NIR laser diode sources in the world and the first company to offer a 9,000 hour or one year warranty on this type of laser. Our frequency stabilized lasers have become the “industry standard” because of their low cost, excellent frequency stability, and longterm reliability. Since we sell our lasers directly to OEM and research customers, no sales representatives are needed which helps to keep our laser costs extremely competitive.

Optically Fast Spectrograph

We have developed the best-in-class, compact, robust, 135 mm focal length, optically fast (f/2.0) spectrograph with NIR-AR coated optics. This optical design allows for full height imaging on the CCD chip without sacrificing spectral resolution! Operating at 785 nm excitation, the spectral coverage ranges from 250 to 2400 cm-1 with a resolution of 4 to 5 cm -1. The effective entrance slit is 40 μm wide and is comprised of a linear fiber input array made up of 38 x 50 μm diameter fibers, or up to 110 x 50 μm fibers for taller CCD chips. The optical fiber input can accommodate most Raman collection probe configurations, able to efficiently collect with fibers from 100 mm to > 600 μm in diameter. HORIBA Process Instruments also offers a wide variety of CCD chip detectors depending upon the customer’s needs. To ensure optical stability, the spectrograph also has built-in automatic neon calibration along with temperature control to minimize mechanical deviation.

Regulatory Issues

We met all necessary CDRH regulations (FDA laser safety issues) and maintain CE certification allowing all of our instrumentation products to be sold into foreign markets.