Custom I/O

Dinrail I/O

In many instances, the PI-200 will need to record additional data regarding field conditions, or, in some instances, trigger indicators and switches. Process Instruments has developed a number of solutions for customers over the years involving several different technologies. These allow flexible configurations that are scalable to the customer’s specific needs. The data collected via the dinrail I/O once compiled by the PI-200, is stored according date-time stamp for later access in analyzing the spectral data.
We utilize two configurations depending on need and rack design:

Panel Mount

The current standard design is a panel mounted dinrail located on the side of the system rack. The additional space gives the option to scale the number of connections without affecting existing wiring. In many instances, customers with plans to expand will build in the hardware for additional channels, thereby making future additions a much smoother process.

I/O connections via PLC hardware

We have now incorporated the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC. The design allows a modular stacking of the input/output configurations. It allows a greater number of I/O points to/from the field, without adding additional hardware or software to the computer. It also allows for expansion without having to reconfigure the existing design. Please note that OPC is NOT utilized in the operation of the PLC. The PLC acts as a communications relay only! It runs uniquely proprietary routines, forwarding sensor signals to PROspect, and control signals from PROspect to any peripheral switches, relays, or LEDs used in operation of the system. Most PLC implementations will be customized to fit the customer’s needs.