Laser Lifetime

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Industrial Application Warranty

Our frequency stabilized, high power diode laser (Patent No. 6,100,975) has an estimated lifetime of 6 to 7 years continuous operation.  To minimize system downtime, a secondary backup laser is built into each industrial system that will become active if any problems are ever detected with the primary laser.

For industrial instrumentation users that have a second laser as a backup, we offer a two year warranty on laser life. The backup laser warranty does not start until the first laser is taken out of service and/or at the end of the first year, which ever comes first. After our lasers are rebuilt, they carry a new 9,000 hour or one year warranty. Our standard NIR (300 mW) laser rebuild cost is less than half of the original laser cost helping to lower the cost of long term laser ownership. A current laser life test demonstrates only a ~ 15% power loss after ~ 6 years of continuous operation.