GC Replacement Applications

GCs are currently being used many refinery process streams.  While GCs are a basic “work horse” within the refinery, they have a down side.

  • Initial cost for a single online GC can costs $200,000 and up.
  • operate with maintenance time and calibration gases are about $2200/month.
  • Limited accuracy and sensitivity when installed online.

If you are planning on replacing more than 1 GC, you should consider using our multiplexed, Raman instrumentation.  Raman offers:

  • Fast measurement times:  2 to 3 minutes/stream.
  • Improved specie separation when compared to typical online GCs.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance time.  Typically, 2 hours/year/stream.
  • Greatly reduced cost of operation, no cal gases, columns, valves, and ovens required.
  • Typical replacement is 2 to 8 GCs per Raman instrument.

Below shows a mixed C3, C4 stream with 17 components: