Diagnostics / Support

Diagnostics, Tools, and Support

Performance monitor uses our proprietary PROspect software

  • Monitors Raman instrument operational parameters
  • Parameters analyzed include
    • Instrument temp
    • Charge coupled device (CCD) camera temperature
    • Spectrograph temperature
    • Laser
      • Temperature
      • Power
      • Voltage
      • Current
      • Wavelength
      • Min/max intensity counts
      • Maximum “M” distance of each stream/channel
  • No interruptions of online analysis

SpecTool™ standalone software feature

  • Greatly simplifies analysis of possible stream upsets within the refinery
  • Allows user to
    • Analyze Raman spectral features
    • Monitor min/max intensities
    • Monitor “M” distances
  • No interruptions of online analysis

Wavenumber Tracking

Raman data are acquired independently of laser excitation wavelength through a process of wavenumber tracking every Raman spectrum as it is acquired. If and when our laser has to be replaced, we want the customers’ chemometric models to continue to work well regardless of the exact laser wavelength.

Model Transfer Capability

We developed the routines necessary to normalize the Raman spectrum with respect to the individual Raman instrument’s throughput, including the Raman collection probe and any optical filters. This normalization process allows for simplified model transfer from one Raman instrument to another. Even in the event that a Raman probe requires replacement, the chemometric models built with one particular probe will continue to work well with a replacement probe.

Simplified Calibration

We developed simplified calibration procedures. We provide a builtin neon calibration source for spectrograph wavelength calibration that together with the wavenumber tracking algorithms maintain excellent system calibration.

Two year warranty on all components

  • Annual extended warranty and preventive maintenance programs are available upon request

Chemometric modeling included for first 12 months  

  • Followup on modeling available on a fee for service basis
  • Model turnaround time ~ 3 to 4 business days after receipt of data