Laboratory Raman and AutoSampler Accessories

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  • Most spectroscopic analysis requires modeling of grab sample spectra and ASTM laboratory measurements
  • We have simplified this time consuming process
    • Auto sampling accessories for acquiring Raman spectra for
      • Liquids
      • Liquefied petroleum gases

Liquids – auto sampling

  • Liquid auto sampler holds up to 39 stream samples at one time
    • Plus 3 sample vials of toluene for cleaning and calibration
  • Typical sampling time is 3 minutes per sample
    • Ideal for running emergency unit samples
  • Auto sampler runs unattended
    • Allows for overnight operation
    • Frees up personnel and laboratory equipment – reduces overhead
    • Allows modeling of potential process streams prior to committing to online analysis
  • Samples are housed in disposable 40 ml septum-lid glass vials
    • Use for octane, RVP, distillation, etc.
  • Samples are pressurized to ~15 psi
    • Reduces light-end loss during measurement

Liquefied petroleum gases – auto sampling 

  • Liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) auto sampler can run high pressure LPG
    • Simplified modeling of LPG streams
  • Uses standard high pressure sample bomb cylinders with quick connects
    • Sample-bomb cylinders from 250 cc to 500 cc
    • Cylinder pressure up to 300 psi (2,100 kPa)
  • Requires one sample bomb for calibration
    • Accepts up to 5 sample bombs
  • Accepts up to 5 sample bombs
  • A single Raman installation can replace multiple online gas chromatographs