LPG Monitoring

Process Instruments has developed an application for online monitoring of the component concentrations in LPG streams. The spectra to the right are from iso-butane, n-butane, and propane. Each product has unique Raman peaks that can be used to determine the concentrations of the different components in a mixed LPG stream.

Typical online results from a single LPG stream are displayed to the right. The low standard error of cross validation (SECV) and high r^2 values show that our Raman analyzer can reliably model multiple critical parameters in LPG streams. This online model was created over a one to two week time period by using matched online spectra with an existing online GC. After a validation period of one month showing that the Raman results matched the online GC, the GC was then decommissioned and our Raman instrument was used for online process monitoring.